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Council to waste less time with new ‘smart bins’

Richmond Council is trialling smart bin technology to help keep the borough’s streets clean.
Since lockdown measures were relaxed, thousands of people have been flocking to the borough’s parks and open spaces. Unfortunately, many have left items behind including takeaway containers, BBQ leftovers, and cans and bottles that could have been recycled.

The Council has increased the number of litter pickers and bin collections and reminds residents and visitors that leaving waste and recycling behind is irresponsible. Not only is litter unsightly and damaging to the local environment, but it also is a health risk to Council staff – leaving them potentially exposed to COVID-19.

Bins at nine locations across Richmond upon Thames have been replaced with solar powered bins, fitted with a sensor that alerts the Council’s waste team, in real time, when the bins are full. This means collection teams can focus on those that need emptying.

The new bins make use of the ‘Internet of Things’ technology, increasingly used to connect everyday objects to the internet and help cities to provide better and more efficient public services.

The bins have been installed on the Council's behalf by PEL UK, who supply councils with waste reduction equipment, at the following locations,


If the 12-month pilot project is successful, it will helpensure Richmond’s bins are emptied more efficiently.

Cllr Julia Neden-Watts, Chair of the Environment and Richmond Council Smart BinsSustainability Committee, said:
“We are continually looking at ways to improve our services; this initiative is very welcome and I hope it will help us to keep Richmond clean and tidy.

“Monitoring levels in our on-street bins, in real time, will help us to reduce litter and create an environment where residents are proud to live. Our teams will be able to make better informed choices and empty these smart bins based on fill level, traffic conditions and other relevant criteria, reducing unnecessary travel time related to waste collection around the borough.

“However, whilst we are doing our bit, we need everyone else to do theirs. There is no justification for leaving waste and recycling behind. If a public bin is already overflowing, do the right thing, take your items away with you and dispose of them properly in your household waste and recycling or on-street local recycling sites.”



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