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Will The LBRuT Family Centre Be Able To Open?

Excessive Drinking and Urination Outside Childrens' Respite Centre

We are all feeling the frustrations of how our lives have changed with lockdown and social distancing since COVID-19 impinged on our lives but it is particularly difficult for some; do we really know the impact on our children of an unseen virus that can get into our bodies through our eyes, nose and mouth?

I am particularly reminded of our vulnerable children, especially those – and their families – who have not had respite during this time.

The Family Centre in Popes Avenue was to open on 1st July but now there is doubt because of the frightening spectacle of drunks outside the Centre, public urination and behaviour which would be frightening to children.

If only we could get a urinal on Twickenham Green for these anti-social men who drink so much, we might all have a quieter life.

You can read a short story (My Hero is You) HERE which you might find of interest if you have young children who are worried about the virus (COVID-19) – and I hope that the children who should be going to the Family Centre in Popes Avenue will be able to come back on 1st July.


My Hero is You, Storybook for Children on COVID-19


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