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Petition for Richmond and Twickenham

Provision of Public Toilets in Richmond & Twickenham and enforcement of Anti-Social behaviour PSPO’s

A petition has been launched seeking action from the council regarding anti-social behaviour, including public urination and defecation, in Twickenham and Richmond (particularly the greens).

On 23th August a call was made to hold an emergency meeting of the Council to discuss the growing problem; however, this was refused by the council delaying any discussion until late September.

Residents can’t help but feel that the administration is kicking the can down the road.

The petition can be viewed HERE


The petition states:

We, the undersigned, petition the Council to enforce the Anti-Social Behaviour PSPO’s on public urination and defecation and provide Public Toilet and Hand Washing facilities for shoppers and visitors to Richmond and Twickenham.

Public urination has been a problem in our spaces particularly around Richmond and Twickenham. This has escalated since lockdown restrictions were relaxed and residents are suffering from their gardens being used as toilets and businesses find people urinating in their doorways. This is unacceptable, a health hazard and the Council must enforce the Anti-Social behaviour PSPO’s. Since Covid-19 most independent businesses, particularly in the hospitality sector, are no longer able to participate in the Community Toilet Scheme because of social distancing and hygiene requirements. As a result there is very limited Community Toilet provision in Richmond and Twickenham.

There is no signage to the paid toilets at Richmond Station and since the Council restricted CTS payments to independent businesses the toilets at Marks & Spencer are no longer listed on the website. With the Community Toilet website adding the caveat “We are aware that some of the businesses are not open due to Covid-19” it is clear the scheme is no longer viable and cannot provide adequate toilet facilities for visitors and shoppers in Richmond and Twickenham. This discriminates against people who need regular access to toilets and it is the Council’s duty to provide proper toilet facilities in both towns.

View the petition HERE


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