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We The People – We The People – We The People

By: TwickWatch


The 2022 Richmond upon Thames London Borough Council election is due to take place on 5 May 2022 and will take place under new election boundaries but with the number of councillors remaining the same. They will represent “We The People” for the next four years.

A total of 167 candidates will be battling it out for 54 seats across 18 wards. All 54 members of Richmond upon Thames Council will be elected. The elections will take place alongside local elections in the other London boroughs and elections to local authorities across the United Kingdom.


Election Overall control
1964 Conservative
1968 Conservative
1971 Conservative
1974 Conservative
1978 Conservative
1982 No overall control
1986 SDP–Liberal Alliance
1990 Liberal Democrats
1994 Liberal Democrats
1998 Liberal Democrats
2002 Conservative
2006 Liberal Democrats
2010 Conservative
2014 Conservative
2018 Liberal Democrats

(2002 boundary changes increased the number of seats by two)


The Voice of the People
VoteIt seems a lot of voters cast their vote on party lines like a lemming or sheep to the slaughter, without much thought as to the important duties and responsibilities they are delegating and entrusting to their local elected representatives. Shouldn’t we all be looking at each candidate’s previous record if any, their future potential, their integrity, the abilities and skills they have to offer? Have they previously let voters down, been condescending to residents, failed to live up to previous promises or have they stood as a candidate to truly help people to the best of their ability or to attain personal status? Making a promise is a commitment that you will keep your word. It is a commitment that reinforces trust.

In the end there doesn’t have to be, anyone, who understands you individually, as you can’t please all of the people all of the time! There just has to be someone that wants to! Elections belong to the people. People have marched, fought, died and shed endless tears for you to be able to vote. Even if you dislike all of the candidates, maybe vote for the one that you dislike the least BUT VOTE!!


Weighing Up Your Options
We The PeopleCouncils run the services we all use, from social care and education, housing, road maintenance and libraries, to bin collections, planning applications and parking. Local elections, which take place mid-way through parliamentary terms, supposedly give an indication of the public’s mood and their feelings towards the government. Will you focus and cast a meaningful vote on local issues and policies only, that will ultimately affect all those daily aspects of your or your family’s life?

The leader is the head of the political party in the election area with the most council seats. Should one party hold total control, able to exclude or not listen to other opinions? Every voice has a right to be heard, the electors and the elected, as it can bring a new perspective in ways that we may have not previously considered. Will it be a Liberal Democrat and Conservative contest yet again with the same old policies rolled out and with no other party being represented to add new perspectives?

TwickWatch feels the Liberal Democrats have let the voters down over transparency with regard to consultations. It seems their reticence to consult on a public consultation policy which when published, would hold them to account and give the voters and interested parties transparency to the decision-making process.

TwickWatch feels the Conservatives have let the voters down over their poor performance as an opposition. They seem to have lost interest locally, almost becoming a non-party.

TwickWatch does have two favourite councillors however. Both are knowledgeable, dedicated, hard-working and exemplify ideal councillors.

Councillor Martin Elengorn - Liberal Democrat Party, Teddington
Councillor Geoffrey Samuel - Conservative Party, Hampton North

Will you be sticking your head in the sand and not voting or placing your cross at the ballot box without a thought? Will your vote be based on the effectiveness and integrity of your elected councillor?



This article was first published in Edition 285 on 22nd April 2022


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